Feb. 27th, 2014

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So, I guess if you saw Juudai's update, you'll know why neither of us have been around much as of late.

Although I'm still not 100% and may not be for another few weeks, I'm getting better each day, which is a relief. The whole ordeal was scary and unexpected, but I am so grateful to both Juudai and Asuka, who took turns to stay at my bedside while I was in the hospital, despite still feeling ill themselves, just so I wouldn't be alone there.
I remember when I woke up and saw them both there and... it just made me feel very relieved to see familiar faces, despite how confused I was at the time over everything else. I didn't remember what had happened or where I even was, but they were there, so I knew I was okay.

The hospital did some tests and talked to me a lot. After the tests came back and I told them my basic medical history, like how unwell and fragile I was as a child, they said that I have a slightly more weaker immune system than someone my age should have. It's not to the point where it's too worrying, and they think I was just really unlucky this time due to the strength of the virus I got, but they suggested that I should at least get a flu vaccine each year now as a precaution. Also that I should look into taking extra vitamins to try and give my immune system an extra boost.
As long as I take precautions like that, I should be fine.

I'm looking forward to when I can finally do more than sit around the apartment though. Some maybe glad of getting to rest so much, but it's a little boring.


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