Aug. 22nd, 2014

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Today I talked to the person at the college who is over-seeing the written work I have to do for my duel spirit apprenticeship in order to get the result on my latest written piece and they told me that I only really have to write one more piece to have covered everything. It can be on any topic I like in regards to spirits and I have until the 19th of September to write and submit it, then I should get the result of it by the 30th.
As long as it passes, I will of passed the entire written part of the course. I've already covered everything I needed too for the practical part of the apprenticeship.

They also commented that they have really enjoyed reading my research papers and that they had a lot of good ideas. They said I should think about writing articles, but I told them I already have written a few articles for the Spirit Foundation for magazines and newspapers. Juudai leaves that kind of stuff up to me as he says I'm "better with words" than he is.

Feels kind of weird that I'm so close to finishing this.


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