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Things at school have been rather calm since I went back. Most of the people who had been giving me problems seem to be leaving me alone, but to be honest, they don't really make much acknowledgement of me either. The only person at school I really talk to is Shinji. I did try and make another friend when I first went back but... that didn't go so well...

...kind of related, but I realized recently that out of the signers from this timeline, the only one I know is Isabel. I'm either just familiar with, or don't know, the others. I guess it doesn't really matter... I'm not really supposed to be part of their group and it's probably not my place to get involved with their matters either, but I still feel a little concern over things, like how at least three of the dragons have changed signers over time. I didn't even know they could do that.

I wonder if things are okay for that Ancient Fairy Dragon...
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The Signers are a group you're a part of, right? Is there some sort of... Issue, with them?
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... Maybe, but if you're worried about how their situation is, then I don't think it's as much a case of "right to do so" as "you're worried".

Of course, not all relationships are going to be the same as another person's. ... As much as it does kinda sadden me, at times.

Do you know why the switched Signers though, in this timeline?
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I wouldn't really be able to say, myself... I've really never heard of dragons like them or people who are to use them, before you. It definitely sounds cruel, though.

... Though, don't get discouraged about making new friends, okay?
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... Even though I realize I'm probably the last person to say that. Ah well.

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She's being taken care of, Goody Goody.
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I don't think that's right. Like. About you not being part of this group just 'cause you're not in our timeline.
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Well, I mean, it's like.

...okay. Your guys' timeline crossed into ours. Then, we found out that we had Signers here too. And we had to figure out a lot of crap about what that meant together. And, I mean. Yuusei and Aki and those guys are gone. But you're still here. And I'm not gonna start saying "maybe the Crimson Dragon had a good reason" 'cause seriously, fuck that - I dunno what that thing's thinking. Ever. And I'm not gonna start making excuses for its weirdass decisions. But you're here and your a Signer and. That makes you one of us, as far as I'm concerned.

Does that. Make any sense?
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Trust me. There aren't a lot of people I'd want to have my back more than you, Ruka.

And, if you're having trouble makin' friends at school, just...find a club of something you're really good at and impress everybody in it. S'what I did.
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People givin' ya trouble?
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Kids are stupid.

Lemme know if ya ever need a hand.