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I just realized that in a few months, I'll be graduating. It's strange that it's come along so quickly. I'm not really too worried over the summer exams that will be coming up, the final ones I'll be taking at the academy, but I've been thinking a lot about what I should do after... as now's the time to really make a decision on it.

I know what I'd like to do, I have an aim, but... I'm not sure if I should go for that straight away or if maybe if it would be best to find a way to support myself a little better first. Juudai and Asuka are so amazing for giving me a place to live, they've been nothing but supportive and caring, but I worry about out-staying my welcome... so I wonder if trying to save up for my own place first would be the right choice...
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... You're graduating?

I didn't actually realize you were a third year, already... I'm only going to be going onto my second year...
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Though now that you mention it, I should probably really work on studying, myself. I'm sure I'll do fine, but confidence can lead to downfall without effort.
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Yeah, it's looking like that, myself.

You should give him the help as a priority, if you have the notes. He looks like he has a lot riding on it, anyway.
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I'll think about that, yes. Thanks.

So what is it you're aiming for?
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Then I think you should definitely focus on that, no matter what.
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Hmm, are there classes for that there...?

I wish you luck though on it. I should still figure out what I'll end up doing in terms of things, even if I have the next couple years to decide.

Right now my tuition is being paid for as a sponsorship deal, but I have the right to not be obligated to work for the ones paying for it as a duelist if I manage to pay back the tuition in full.

But doing that would probably be pretty hard, if I decide it.

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Ruka, you know that Asuka and I have no problem with you staying with us. You can stay as long as you need to, you know that.

You shouldn't make a decision like that based on what you think is best for others. You should make that decision on what you truly wish to do for yourself. It's your future, after all, right?

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You don't owe us anything, Ruka.

Just work towards your goal. I know you'll become the best Duel Spirit Researcher out there one day and it's something the world needs.

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I know so.

Oh! By the way, Asuka and I are thinking of having a movie night on Saturday. If you want, you're free to join us!

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I'll make sure to get in plenty of snacks for the three of us then!!

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Oh man I forgot about those...!

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W-what do you mean?
I'm gonna kattobing through those exams so fast they won't know what hit them!!!

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.... 11. Maaaybe a 12.

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...I don't think I have a choice. If I fail these exams, I get kicked out of the school.

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I only got in because the principal gave me a chance to prove myself in this first year. No second chances, that was the deal.

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Yeah! You're right!


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I'll try and help find work if you want.

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I assume you're looking for something lower end that'll help pay bills?

[personal profile] cuterthancute 2013-07-18 12:56 pm (UTC)(link)
I think I might be able to help you find something.
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But, of course, I'm going to need a bit.