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Today I talked to the person at the college who is over-seeing the written work I have to do for my duel spirit apprenticeship in order to get the result on my latest written piece and they told me that I only really have to write one more piece to have covered everything. It can be on any topic I like in regards to spirits and I have until the 19th of September to write and submit it, then I should get the result of it by the 30th.
As long as it passes, I will of passed the entire written part of the course. I've already covered everything I needed too for the practical part of the apprenticeship.

They also commented that they have really enjoyed reading my research papers and that they had a lot of good ideas. They said I should think about writing articles, but I told them I already have written a few articles for the Spirit Foundation for magazines and newspapers. Juudai leaves that kind of stuff up to me as he says I'm "better with words" than he is.

Feels kind of weird that I'm so close to finishing this.

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Looks like I'll be getting my full time Duel Spirit researcher soon!

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Haha! We're all a little like that, even me! Don't worry! We really need someone who doesn't mind being knee deep in books now and then when something needs researching into and you're one of the best people for the job!

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Oh? Well, you know you can come to us at any time if there's something you wanna talk about!
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Nice to hear that's going well for you. I wish you luck and confidence in passing it!
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You're welcome.

Though... do you think you'll have time to spare, in the next few days?
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You mind if we can meet up, then?

I haven't gotten to spend any time with you recently, and... There's something I kinda want to show you.
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Alright, thank you. I'll send you a message for when.
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I'll be glad to do any proofreading, if you need it. But I am going to be extremely busy with September coming.
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I'll do what I can, but I might not finish the whole thing.

Good to hear you're finally getting that done. That and I can imagine having someone with an accreditation to give the foundation more authenticity should be a relief for Juudai.
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Best of luck for the both of you.
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Just pull me aside during an evening me and Juudai are relatively awake and we're both home together...?
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Then talk about it during dinner when we're all together. That should work out.
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... Wait, what's this about certification.
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Not sure I could bother with accreditation like that.

I feel like I need to be actually working.
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Well, I guess someone has to write the papers. I'll stick to filing and field work.

... Though, what are your papers about, out of curiosity?
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I don't know much about bonds.

But I know a human and a monster overlaying lets you make magic bullshit cards out of nowhere.

If they're ever published, I might want to take a read, but I have to admit I think I might be a bit jaded on Spirits.

Then again, working with Ancient Fairy as a Signer means I have to deal with the stuff that makes you jaded.

So why is the foundation important, in your opinion?

Why do Spirits come here?
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I deal with the crazy jerks, so it spoils your belief about the other guys being sane.

I'm curious what your guesswork is.
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I have a personal theory here, and it's a bit mindscrewy:

I think we kind of retroactively make the Duel Spirits exist.

There didn't used to be Synchro monsters, but all of a sudden, these ancient Synchro monsters show up.

I wonder if human minds and souls imagine Duel Spirits into existence. Which would explain Ka.

... Which is really kind of scary if I2 is literally making things exist.