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Things have been so busy with the merge of the Spirit Foundation and the Arcadia Movement, but things seem to be going well. The majority of the work is on schedule and should be completed before the holidays, then the official opening of SAI will be after the new year. I'm really excited about this new venture and I know that it'll mean a lot to the people of the city.

Since most things will be set up, I seem to have a little spare time over the holidays and I'm wondering how to spend it.

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Well, me and Juudai are planning to go out on a break ourselves, so. We're probably not going to be available.
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Yes. Mostly for some sight seeing and R&R.

I'm expecting us to end up Dueling a bear.
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Juudai once Dueled a monkey. Nothing in my marriage to him surprises me, to be honest.

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It's actually quite the story.
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The monkey, SAL, was a test animal from one of the now defunct secret labs at the school.

It escaped. It and Juudai hit it off. Somehow.
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That's one of his strengths, he knows how to bridge the gap between hearts.
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Again, that's why I ended up falling for him.
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I like to think so.
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... I'm assuming too young to drink.

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Well I was going to invite you to a nice night of drinking.

I would like to do something with you over the winter break, though.

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All I can think of is stalk spirits and abandoned shrines. Alcohol. Star clothes. Flying. And I dunno, mini-golf.

I'm not a very creative person.

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Movie or aquarium. I prefer quiet places.
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Only if you don't mind.
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Be seeing you soon, then.
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I'm glad it's going smoothly.

I should be around over the holiday, myself. I'm not too keen on going back home just yet.
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Yes! They should have some good displays up around now, too.
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Definitely. Sometime next week, then, might be good?