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Ruka Terasaki ([personal profile] voicesofspirits) wrote2017-06-20 10:18 pm
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I wonder why I only ever remember to update this journal when my birthday comes around.
I guess I'm really more of a reader than a writer to be honest and I get absorbed into my work so much that I never seem to have the time to write here.

I've spent my 21st just doing what I usually do, but that doesn't really bother me.
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[personal profile] danse_etoile 2017-06-20 09:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Well most of the stuff on here is more for the younger members lately.

That and what does our work have to deal with a world ending crisis.
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[personal profile] seaandsky 2017-06-20 11:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Happy Birthday at least, you know.
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Well... about as fine as I could hope right now.

Pressure has been taken off of me in some cases, so I've been able to actually have time to think now, but it only seemed to increase in other ways, if that makes sense.
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It happens. I've been actually having Tsukumo-kun helping me out with the students, since his focus is on Xyz Summons.

... And his personality is kinda something I find to be necessary, anyway, to break things up for the students.
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Yes, he's actually been really helpful in trying to alleviate that, but he's been busy due to the Super Junior Leagues.
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That has passed through my mind, yes.

I mean, I'm glad at the prospect, but I do feel a bit bad he isn't moving forward. But he did get pretty far overall...
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It is impressive. I just don't like thinking about how this means he'll have more time to help me.
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Hnmm... I guess so. I'll try to not let it bug me.

Still, you're going out to dinner, right? I hope you have fun with that.
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I'd like that, soon.
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[personal profile] naturalcure 2017-06-20 11:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Happy birthday, Ruka.

How about you take the night off and lemme take you to dinner?
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[personal profile] naturalcure 2017-06-21 12:31 am (UTC)(link)
No problem. I'm glad to do it.

Pick a restaurant and I'll meet you there.