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Name:Ruka Terasaki
Birthdate:Jun 20
Location:Domino City, Japan
OOC Info:

Name: Ruka (No last name given at current time)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Dorm/School: Duel Academy - 3rd year Ra Yellow

Current Deck: Spirit Deck

Personality: Ruka is a lot more quieter and calmer than her energetic and loud twin brother. She tends to be the smarter of the two, and isn't shy to put Rua down a peg or two, by bluntly telling him the honest truth, or teasing him about something, especially when he's annoying her. Ruka can be easily intimidated and scared, but she can find the courage to take a stand and fight when she really needs to. Other than that, Ruka is quite a sweet and polite girl towards most people.

In Neo-Domino City, Ruka lives with her twin brother Rua in the Tops area, the highest point in Neo-Domino. Their parents are always busy with work, so they're not around much, but the twins hear from them occasionally.
Ruka and her brother get their education through the internet, so they didn't really get to go out much.

At the age of 3, Ruka was already known as a dueling child prodigy. Unfortunately, one day when she was around this age, she fell into a coma while dueling and she didn't regain consciousness for a whole month. She spent this month in the world of Duel monster spirits, where she met Ancient Fairy Dragon for the first time. AFD told Ruka about the "evil ones" and their evil intentions for their world and how Ruka was the only one who could protect them and their world, since her mind is linked to the Duel Monsters world and that her mind of good could repeal any mind of evil. Ruka agreed to stay and help them, but she then heard the voice of her twin brother Rua, who had stayed by her bedside calling out to her, which pulled her back into the real world.
As she recovered, she had explained that she had spent the month in the Duel monsters world, but eventually she forgot all about her time there and the promise she made to them. That is until she duels Professor Frank in the Fortune Cup eight years later. Professor Frank, using his psychological way of dueling, was able to drag Ruka's mind back into the Duel Monsters world, where she eventually remembered her promise and why she forgot it. She explained that she was scared of keeping her promise to protect their world all by herself, so she ran away from it when she heard Rua's voice and eventually forgot. She didn't understand why they needed her to help protect their world, but gradually she decided that she will definitely keep her promise and help protect that world.
After her duel with Professor Frank and having her signer powers revealed, the Fortune Cup proceeded, eventually leading to Jack and Yuusei dueling. During the duel, the signers were transported to another dimension, where the duel continued. But when it ended, Ruka, just like Yuusei had, was propelled back in time. Now she's wandering around Domino City about 20 years earlier, trying and hoping to find Yuusei and the others. Luckily, she was able to find Yuusei through Juudai, who had met Yuusei only one day before.

Extra Abilities: SI-GU-NER. She can see/talk to spirits, can sense whether cards have been taken care of or not and also has a link to the Duel Monsters world IN HER MIND. She's known as a dueling prodigy, but due to how tired she gets after duels, she doesn't like dueling much.

((This RP Journal is maintained by pdutogepi for duelacademy_r2))

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duel monster spirits, duel monster world, duel monsters, dueling, kuribbon, rua, signer, spirits, sunlight unicorn, yuusei
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