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Things have been so busy with the merge of the Spirit Foundation and the Arcadia Movement, but things seem to be going well. The majority of the work is on schedule and should be completed before the holidays, then the official opening of SAI will be after the new year. I'm really excited about this new venture and I know that it'll mean a lot to the people of the city.

Since most things will be set up, I seem to have a little spare time over the holidays and I'm wondering how to spend it.
The holidays were very nice and I had a lovely time, I hope everyone else did too.
I met a nice lady while at the library the other day. I was there looking up things for a geography project we're starting at school soon. She was very curious about the strange dreams a lot of people have been having recently though.

Hmm, talking of the project... we have to choose a country for it, but I'm not sure which to do. I think I might choose Peru though, because... well, it'd be nice to learn more about the people there and how they live.

*Yuusei got Ruka as his Secret Santa. He got a scrapbook, that's decorated nicely and neatly filled with all kinds of photos that were all taken these past few years. They're mostly photos of Yuusei and the others, either with each other, or other people living at Sakana. There are photos from any outings they've had or events they may of been to, just, a lot of happy memories for him to look at.
Ruka knew while making it, that it would be sort of obvious it'd be from her, or at least someone he lived with, but she knew this was something he was going to like.
It amazes me how much humans and spirits can accomplish together or possibly what they can accomplish, I think there's still a lot to learn from the friendship and unity between us. I'd love to learn more and maybe even discover new things myself, one day.

Christmas is coming up soon. I saved up a lot of my allowance so I can buy presents, which I will probably do this weekend.
Christmas here at Sakana is always nice, because everyone is like one big family. Everyone knows everyone else. It's really nice.

Thank you for the presents! I really appreciate them.

*Gift List:

Yuusei: Gets a model of a Motorbike.

Aki: Gets a gardening book. It comes with some seeds you can plant!

Rua: Even though he doesn't have a player right now, she got him a cool transformers toy.

Jack: A selection of various teas.

Carly: Gets a picture of the Fortune Fairies.

Crow: Gets a random small plush of a black coloured bird, possibly a crow or a blackbird!

Rally: A new hat! That's like his old one, but just new 8D Also a few pin badges to put on it.

Juudai: Juudai gets a drawing of all of his spirits! Also a red coloured scarf/hat/glove set!

Asuka: Light blue coloured scarf/hat/gloves set!

Isabel: A gift card for a games store.

Tomoko: A Chikorita plush!

Sayuri: Chocolates!

Various Spirits: Most of the spirits that are around Sakana get various snacks and treats. Yubel also gets a black coloured scarf.

Ruka was Shou's Secret Santa, she got him a model set of cute cartoony looking cars!*
...what am I supposed to do with these...
I appriciate the gift but...
Even though we're far from home (Or at least our home back in our own time) spending Christmas with Yuusei was really nice.

((Ruka has no monies, so the following people got drawn pictures as presents!

Rua: A picture of Powertool Dragon
Yuusei: A picture of Stardust Dragon
Aki and Isabel: Both get pictures of Black Rose Dragon, but Isabel also gets an added smaller picture of Kuriboh, Hane Kuriboh and Kuribbon since Ruka is her secret santa 8D
Jack: Picture of Red Daemon's Dragon
Tomoko: Picture of Rescue Cat
Sayuri: Picture of a snowy forest scene
Juudai: Picture of Hane Kuriboh and Kuribbon
Manjoume: Picture of the Ojama Trio
Asuka: Picture of Cyber Tutu

I think that's everyone!
Also Ruka's mun gave HER a Christmas present... A PAID ACCOUNT!
I knew I'd cave eventually XD))
...I guess this means we won't be spending Christmas at home.
I really don't know what's going on and things feel stranger than they originally did here... I'm scared yet...
... the snow we're getting outside right now looks really pretty and it feels relaxing.

Though last night someone tied Juudai's friend, Shou-san, to a tree with Christmas lights and left him there. I helped get him down though, he was looking really cold.

He kind of looked like a Christmas tree with those lights in his hair though.

It was nice of him to make hot cocoa for me as a thanks for letting him down, though.


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