I completely forgot that today was the day we had to hand in the draft work for the geography project. That's the first time I've forgotten to hand work in, I felt kind of silly... I need to try and work on the rest of it over the weekend so I can hand it in on Monday.

...I've just been feeling so tired lately.
EVENT 1 (Dream Event)

*It's a peaceful, beautiful day in the Duel Monster spirit world. In a field of flowers, Ruka is sat playing with a bunch of smaller Duel Spirits, Kuribon included, as Ancient Fairy Dragon watches over them happily. It seemed like nothing could ruin such a happy day.
But as Ruka looks over the valley, she spots something that seemed to be coming towards them. A great big shadow seemed to be overcoming the land and destroying everything in it's path.
In a panic, Ruka, Ancient Fairy and the other duel spirits began to flee from the on coming danger, but it seemed like no matter how fast they were, the shadow was gaining on them quickly. It soon hit a few of the smaller, younger duel spirits that were lagging behind, instantly making them explode into dust. Ruka stops and screams out for them, but knows it's too late to do anything to help... the shadow soon reaches her and knowing she could never out run it, she just squeals and covers her eyes. She feels a sudden rush by her and opens her eyes to see Ancient Fairy and Kuribon had moved in front of her in an effort to protect her... but the shadow was too strong for them to hold back... they were fading away.
Both the monsters give Ruka a sorry look, as if apologizing for not being able to keep it back. Ruka tries to reach out for them, in the hope to somehow save them, but as soon as her hand reaches them, they explode into dust completely and the shadow washes over Ruka...

Opening her eyes, she looks around her. The once beautiful valley and beyond were now devoid of life, she was the only one left.
Falling to her knees, tears welling up in her eyes, Ruka felt like she had failed her spirit friends and the world they lived in. Everything happened so suddenly. She had promised to protect this world and... there was simply nothing she could do.

Putting her hands to her head, with the tears now falling from her face, Ruka let out a loud cry of frustration that simply echoed over the deserted land.*


EVENT 2 (For Sakana residents)

*After waking from her nightmare, Ruka is confused and thinks the spirit world and it's residents really have been destroyed. If you live in the same apartment as her, you may of heard her scream as she woke up, or alternately she maybe walking around the apartment looking very upset and dazed.
If you live in the other apartments in Sakana, after waking up, she may of walked out into the courtyard in her confusion. Again she looks very dazed and upset.*

(OOC: Please put either Event 1 or Event 2 in the subject of your reply, so I know which event you're replying to!)
...I had a really bad dream... the world was burning and... there was a strange person who threatened me with a sword...

...I'm glad it was just a dream, but...

...something is wrong with Yuusei too. He's not acting like himself at all.


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