A week ago I decided to enquire about college courses on duel spirits at the Duel College in the city and after I mentioned the work I did with the Spirit Foundation, the college told me that, considering what line of work I'm aiming for, more "in-the-field" experience would be better, especially since some of the classwork is mostly just facts and some guess work, as we don't know everything about duel spirits, or the 12 dimensions. In fact, we know very little.
They said they'd be happy to support a full apprenticeship for me while working at the Spirit Foundation, which would cover pretty much everything they could teach, if not more. The only extra stuff I would need to do, is do my own research projects and submit them to the college when needed.

I got confirmation back from the college today that all the paperwork is fine and that they will support me as an apprentice at the Spirit Foundation from October. It's only for a year, as that's how long the course would of been but... Juudai told me that once I pass the apprenticeship, I have a guaranteed full-time job at the foundation anyway, as a researcher.

I also talked to the principal of the Duel Academy about possibly basing some of my research projects on the island, as it, as well as Domino City, have strong links to the spirit world. He agreed that I can do that if I wish to, which is great.
But also... I thought that being on the island at least for a few days a week or so means that I can keep in contact with Shinji and Yuma. Plus it would be a shame if our club ended just because myself and Shinoko graduated.

I don't know what Shinoko plans to do after graduating, I'll have to talk to her about it, but I definitely want to keep the club running.
I just realized that in a few months, I'll be graduating. It's strange that it's come along so quickly. I'm not really too worried over the summer exams that will be coming up, the final ones I'll be taking at the academy, but I've been thinking a lot about what I should do after... as now's the time to really make a decision on it.

I know what I'd like to do, I have an aim, but... I'm not sure if I should go for that straight away or if maybe if it would be best to find a way to support myself a little better first. Juudai and Asuka are so amazing for giving me a place to live, they've been nothing but supportive and caring, but I worry about out-staying my welcome... so I wonder if trying to save up for my own place first would be the right choice...
I'm quite excited that I'll be helping Shinoko to run her new club. I think it has the potential to be great and we could discover a lot of stuff.
I'd been wanting to join a club for a while at the academy too, but all the others weren't really that much suited to me. I wouldn't be all that good in sports clubs.

So far there is me and her as confirmed, with two other possible members. We just need a 5th member to officially become a club. I hope we can find one soon.
Things at school have been rather calm since I went back. Most of the people who had been giving me problems seem to be leaving me alone, but to be honest, they don't really make much acknowledgement of me either. The only person at school I really talk to is Shinji. I did try and make another friend when I first went back but... that didn't go so well...

...kind of related, but I realized recently that out of the signers from this timeline, the only one I know is Isabel. I'm either just familiar with, or don't know, the others. I guess it doesn't really matter... I'm not really supposed to be part of their group and it's probably not my place to get involved with their matters either, but I still feel a little concern over things, like how at least three of the dragons have changed signers over time. I didn't even know they could do that.

I wonder if things are okay for that Ancient Fairy Dragon...
These articles I've been reading about Duel Spirit Hunters lately really show just how terrible they are... capturing and selling spirits... or out-right killing them. Taking them away from their partners or families. It's awful.
I'm just hoping that reading these will give us a better idea on how to find the one that's here in the city.

I guess I haven't updated about school yet. I've been so busy with it and the work with Juudai. I'm really enjoying the Duel Academy so far and I've gotten to know a lot of other people. My teacher for the Duel Spirit class seemed impressed with the notes I've written from what I learned over the summer with Juudai.
Talking of spirits, I've been trying to gain the trust of some of the new residents we've suddenly gotten here, but most of them seem a little skittish. I managed to coax the Key Mouse over to me with a little bit of food earlier though. It seemed to trust me a little more after that.


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