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Well, I'm officially 19 today.
It's strange to think that in one more year I'll be completely out of my teens.


Event Post
*It's Ruka's 19th birthday and she had the day off work for it, so anyone can meet up with her in the park for birthday wishes and present giving!*
This week has been very difficult. It's been a lot to take in. Only now am I feeling like I can somewhat write about it here.
... it's just hard to believe that I'll probably never get to see any of them again.
But things needed to be fixed. They needed to be balanced. If it hadn't, the result of it would of been a lot worse... and not just for me.
I know they'll be fine... and a part of me is there with them.

...I guess at least... I don't have to worry about such an uncertain future anymore...



*Ruka can be found sitting on a bench in the park. She is looking down at a card in her hand, completely lost in thought. Occasionally, she looks up and looks at her arm where her signer mark used to be with a forlorn look on her face.
It looks like she needs some company.*
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Well, it seems everything is set up. I should get my result from my final theory paper tomorrow, but I'm positive there will be no issues with it.
Next week will be a whole new step for me. It's kind of scary, but something I feel I need to do, in order to help myself grow.


[Event Post]

*As Ruka eats dinner with Juudai and Asuka one night in Sakana's communal kitchen, she looks up at them and takes a deep breath.*

Juudai. Asuka-san.
About what I wanted to talk to you about...

Event Post

Oct. 9th, 2012 07:36 pm
*"Maybe it was all a dream? Maybe I'll wake up and everything will be normal again."

Ruka's eyes slowly flickered open to be greeted by unfamiliar surroundings. She slowly sat up and looked around the room she was in. Where was she? Who brought her here? All she knew was that being there meant that no matter how much she wished, everything that has happened recently, had really happened.

She slowly got up from the bed, steadying herself from a short dizzy spell before moving towards the door. She listened by it for any noises, then slowly opened it.

The hallway it brought her into she did recognize. This was Juudai and Asuka's apartment. So Juudai must of brought her here? Quietly she walked down the hallway until she got to a slightly open door on her left. Looking through the small gap, she could see Juudai sat in the living room, working on his laptop. Ruka didn't want to disturb him. After all, she's probably caused him enough trouble already.

Slowly and quietly, Ruka opened the front door and snuck out of it. When outside, she was about to run across the courtyard to her apartment when a thought hit her. Did she really belong there anymore? Is that even her home now? She really wasn't sure... and holding herself up in it again wouldn't be a good idea anyway.

Ruka leaned against the wall beside the entrance to Juudai's apartment and slid down until she was sitting. Pulling her legs to her chest, she buried her face in them.

She had honestly never felt so lost and so ashamed of herself as she did at this moment.

Looks like she could use someone to talk to!.*

Event Post

Sep. 16th, 2012 06:51 pm
*For months, Ruka had run through in her head of what she'd do if she came face-to-face with the Crimson Dragon again. She'd gone though every statement, every argument and every question thousands of times over.
But when she was actually stood in front of it, she froze. All the planning refused to make sense and she could barely recall any of it. She felt terrified of letting the dragon know exactly how she felt about the situation it had pulled her and her brother into. Pulling them away from their family back in their own timeline, to make them grow up and make lives in the current one without ever saying why they were really sent there. What if one day they had to choose between the two? What if they didn't get to choose at all? Even choosing would be an incredibly difficult thing to do.
The Crimson Dragon silently stared Ruka down, as if waiting for her to say something, but as time passed without a word, the dragon seemed to grow impatient and let out a shrill cry before it started to fly away.
Ruka wanted to call out to it, but the words weren't able to leave her mouth.
It was then that the area filled with a sudden flash of red light...


Ruka woke with a start in her bedroom in the Sakana apartments. Sitting up, she took a moment to let the familiar look of the room sink in, before she breathed a sigh of relief.
" was just a dream...".
She looked over at her brother's bed on the other side of the room, making sure she didn't wake him up, but she was surprised to see that his bed was empty. Looking over at the clock beside her bed, it read that it was just past 7am.
This was puzzling to Ruka, it was rare for her brother to be up this early at the weekend. Actually, it was rare for him to be up at this time any day of the week.
"Maybe he went to help Yuusei with something..."

After getting dressed, Ruka wandered through the apartment, gradually checking the rooms, but it seemed like no-one was around at all. Where could they all be at this time in the morning? They wouldn't of gone somewhere without telling her...
Though there was no indication anyone had gone anywhere. Shoes were still in the hallway and everyone's apartment keys were still hung up on the wall near the door.

Opening the door, Ruka stepped out into the courtyard and ran around to the garage. Surely if no-one was in the apartment, they might just be in the garage, maybe to watch something Yuusei was working on.
Ruka stopped dead as she ran into the garage, only to see the area where her friends D-Wheels were usually parked to be completely empty.

Ruka walked slowly back into the courtyard, not knowing what to do. Her friends had to be somewhere, right? But where would they be if it looked like they never left the apartment? Her thoughts wandered to the strange dream involving the Crimson Dragon, but she shook her head, to try and shake those thoughts away.
It couldn't of taken her brother and the others away? Not without her? And not without so much as a warning... right?

Maybe one of the other residents at the apartment knows where they went, but with it being so early, she didn't want to wake up anyone who's sleeping to ask.

Though maybe you are up this early for some reason and you see Ruka standing in the courtyard, looking confused and slightly upset.
Maybe what woke you up was the really odd flash of red light that filled the area, just before 7am and you came out to investigate what it was.

Either way, she looks like she needs to someone to talk too.*


Nov. 2nd, 2011 07:33 pm
*It's a wonderful warm day in May and Ruka is sat outside, under a tree, on either the Academy Island or in the park in Domino City. She looks to be hard at work though, as she mulls over some books she has with her, occasionally jotting down notes in a notebook. On closer inspection, the books appear to be theories on time travel, as well as history books.
Feel free to bother her about this or something completely different!*

Event Post

Jul. 22nd, 2011 12:40 am
*By now, those who know Ruka have most likely been informed about her hospitalization due to an attack from Ghost. If you visit her, she's conscious and sitting up in her hospital bed. She looks tired though and she's covered in scrapes and bruises. Her left arm is also in a sling. Her medical chart shows that her left shoulder was fractured in the incident, but it seems to be the only major injury she's gotten, though she's under observation in-case there are any internal injuries.*
EVENT 1 (Dream Event)

*It's a peaceful, beautiful day in the Duel Monster spirit world. In a field of flowers, Ruka is sat playing with a bunch of smaller Duel Spirits, Kuribon included, as Ancient Fairy Dragon watches over them happily. It seemed like nothing could ruin such a happy day.
But as Ruka looks over the valley, she spots something that seemed to be coming towards them. A great big shadow seemed to be overcoming the land and destroying everything in it's path.
In a panic, Ruka, Ancient Fairy and the other duel spirits began to flee from the on coming danger, but it seemed like no matter how fast they were, the shadow was gaining on them quickly. It soon hit a few of the smaller, younger duel spirits that were lagging behind, instantly making them explode into dust. Ruka stops and screams out for them, but knows it's too late to do anything to help... the shadow soon reaches her and knowing she could never out run it, she just squeals and covers her eyes. She feels a sudden rush by her and opens her eyes to see Ancient Fairy and Kuribon had moved in front of her in an effort to protect her... but the shadow was too strong for them to hold back... they were fading away.
Both the monsters give Ruka a sorry look, as if apologizing for not being able to keep it back. Ruka tries to reach out for them, in the hope to somehow save them, but as soon as her hand reaches them, they explode into dust completely and the shadow washes over Ruka...

Opening her eyes, she looks around her. The once beautiful valley and beyond were now devoid of life, she was the only one left.
Falling to her knees, tears welling up in her eyes, Ruka felt like she had failed her spirit friends and the world they lived in. Everything happened so suddenly. She had promised to protect this world and... there was simply nothing she could do.

Putting her hands to her head, with the tears now falling from her face, Ruka let out a loud cry of frustration that simply echoed over the deserted land.*


EVENT 2 (For Sakana residents)

*After waking from her nightmare, Ruka is confused and thinks the spirit world and it's residents really have been destroyed. If you live in the same apartment as her, you may of heard her scream as she woke up, or alternately she maybe walking around the apartment looking very upset and dazed.
If you live in the other apartments in Sakana, after waking up, she may of walked out into the courtyard in her confusion. Again she looks very dazed and upset.*

(OOC: Please put either Event 1 or Event 2 in the subject of your reply, so I know which event you're replying to!)


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