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Well, it seems everything is set up. I should get my result from my final theory paper tomorrow, but I'm positive there will be no issues with it.
Next week will be a whole new step for me. It's kind of scary, but something I feel I need to do, in order to help myself grow.


[Event Post]

*As Ruka eats dinner with Juudai and Asuka one night in Sakana's communal kitchen, she looks up at them and takes a deep breath.*

Juudai. Asuka-san.
About what I wanted to talk to you about...
The holidays were very nice and I had a lovely time, I hope everyone else did too.
I met a nice lady while at the library the other day. I was there looking up things for a geography project we're starting at school soon. She was very curious about the strange dreams a lot of people have been having recently though.

Hmm, talking of the project... we have to choose a country for it, but I'm not sure which to do. I think I might choose Peru though, because... well, it'd be nice to learn more about the people there and how they live.

*Yuusei got Ruka as his Secret Santa. He got a scrapbook, that's decorated nicely and neatly filled with all kinds of photos that were all taken these past few years. They're mostly photos of Yuusei and the others, either with each other, or other people living at Sakana. There are photos from any outings they've had or events they may of been to, just, a lot of happy memories for him to look at.
Ruka knew while making it, that it would be sort of obvious it'd be from her, or at least someone he lived with, but she knew this was something he was going to like.
I really don't know what's going on and things feel stranger than they originally did here... I'm scared yet...
... the snow we're getting outside right now looks really pretty and it feels relaxing.

Though last night someone tied Juudai's friend, Shou-san, to a tree with Christmas lights and left him there. I helped get him down though, he was looking really cold.

He kind of looked like a Christmas tree with those lights in his hair though.

It was nice of him to make hot cocoa for me as a thanks for letting him down, though.


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