These articles I've been reading about Duel Spirit Hunters lately really show just how terrible they are... capturing and selling spirits... or out-right killing them. Taking them away from their partners or families. It's awful.
I'm just hoping that reading these will give us a better idea on how to find the one that's here in the city.

I guess I haven't updated about school yet. I've been so busy with it and the work with Juudai. I'm really enjoying the Duel Academy so far and I've gotten to know a lot of other people. My teacher for the Duel Spirit class seemed impressed with the notes I've written from what I learned over the summer with Juudai.
Talking of spirits, I've been trying to gain the trust of some of the new residents we've suddenly gotten here, but most of them seem a little skittish. I managed to coax the Key Mouse over to me with a little bit of food earlier though. It seemed to trust me a little more after that.
It amazes me how much humans and spirits can accomplish together or possibly what they can accomplish, I think there's still a lot to learn from the friendship and unity between us. I'd love to learn more and maybe even discover new things myself, one day.

Christmas is coming up soon. I saved up a lot of my allowance so I can buy presents, which I will probably do this weekend.


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