Ruka Terasaki ([personal profile] voicesofspirits) wrote2013-07-22 06:09 pm

[Story] A Future with Spirits

My name is Ruka and for as long as I can remember, my life has revolved around duel spirits and their world.

At only three-years-old I fell into a coma during a duel and my consciousness found its way into the spirit world, which I remained in for a whole month. During this time, I met a majestic dragon, by the name of Ancient Fairy, who was to later become my signer dragon. I was asked, at this young age, to become a protector of her world and although I agreed, I went back on the promise, I forgot about it, because the responsibility of such a task at a young age was too much. I returned to the waking world to the voice of my twin brother, Rua, who I heard calling for me.

Since then, I have been able to see and talk to duel spirits of all kinds. I can sense them when I hold people's decks and it tells me a lot about that individual as a person. My strong connection to the spirits and their world is a great gift, but quite often left me tired after intense duels.
My ability to talk to the spirits was something Rua and I mostly kept to ourselves and I knew of no-one else who had such an ability. Then, myself, my brother and the other signers were sent to a past from what I assume is an alternate timeline and here things were so much more different. Not only did I meet several others with varying abilities to see and sense duel spirits, but something happened to eventually make these spirits visible, even to people who had previously not been able to see them.
The spirits began coming from the spirit world to the city, just to live their lives. It suddenly became important to make sure that the people in the city and the spirits understood each other in order to live together in harmony. This is why Juudai and Saiga-san created the Spirit Foundation, which I've been working for in my spare time in the last few years.

After seeing some research by Desdemona, this timelines Black Rose Dragon, into the relationships between spirits and humans and what possibilities it could bring, I found myself wishing to find out more. I wanted to know everything about duel spirits and their world, or as much as possibly can anyway. I hoped that any research I could do, it could benefit both people and spirits and really help to bring them together. I also felt that as the protector of Ancient Fairy's realm, learning more about their world would be a big benefit.

Although my current future is an unsure one, with how lost I sometimes feel without my brother at my side, I can only go on living in this timeline, to keep on moving forward. I'm sure it's what my brother and friends would have wanted and maybe... one day... I'll be able to find them through my research.

No matter what happens and where I go, I know for sure that I want to do my best in becoming knowledgeable about the spirits that have been present through most of my life.


Walking into the office area of the Spirit Foundation, Ruka was surprised to see that Juudai was sat at his desk, busy responding to e-mails on his laptop. He wasn't very fond of office environments, nor the paperwork, so he was often found out and about working with the people and spirits of the city rather than in the confines of the Spirit Foundations office area.
As she approached his desk, Juudai looked up and gave Ruka a smile.

"So how did it go at the college?"

"It went good and ... well... there's something I need to talk to you about."

"Oh?" Juudai looked at Ruka curiously as she sat in the chair at the opposite side of the desk.

"Well, I was able to see the tutor for the duel spirit courses and explained what I wished to do. When I mentioned that I've been working here, he suggested that learning through the foundation would probably be more beneficial for me than a classroom taught basis, as I'd be learning about them first hand, which he felt was the best way."

Ruka placed some paperwork she had been carrying in her arms onto the desk as she continued.

"He suggested that if I did a full official apprenticeship here it would more than cover most of the things the course would have done, if not more. The only extra things I would need to do would be to do my own research projects for thesis papers, and submit them to the college when required."

"An apprenticeship, ey?" With that, Juudai grinned at her. "Well, if this is what you choose to do, then I'd be happy to have you as an apprentice full time!"

Ruka's eyes lit up at his reply. She loved working at the Spirit Foundation. Getting to work there full time AND as part of a college qualification was like a dream come true.

"Thank you so much! All the college will need is you to fill out and sign these agreement forms for it to officially set it in stone."

Juudai glanced down at the papers Ruka had placed on his desk, before tentatively picking them up and looking at them.

"...that's a lot of paperwork. Why does it need this much paperwork?"

Ruka gave out a little laugh as she watched Juudai shuffle through the papers with the most confused expression on his face she'd ever seen. Paperwork was definitely not one of his strong points.

"It's okay, I'll go through it with you and I'll explain what you have to fill in."

Juudai looked relieved at the sound of that as he put the papers down. He really didn't want to tackle this on his own. "Thanks, Ruka."

As Ruka picked up the papers and began looking for the best starting point with them, Juudai fell into silence as he began to think about something.

"...hey Ruka."

Ruka looked up at Juudai curiously.

"When you finish the apprenticeship here and you're fully qualified to be a duel spirit researcher... they'll be a full-time position here as the Spirit Foundation’s lead researcher waiting for you... if you want it, that is."

Ruka's eyes widen in surprise. "Really...?"

Juudai nodded in response. "Even with people like us, who have been connected to spirits most of our lives, we still don't know everything about them. We probably never will. But the best way to help other people understand them is to understand as much as we can ourselves. There are a lot of legends behind them and having someone in the team who knows how to look into such legends and how to gather the best information is a plus."

"Juudai..." With a smile, Ruka gave Juudai a small nod. "...then that's what I'll aim for."

"Great! Now, I guess we need to get through these forms..."

As the two of them worked through the application together, Ruka couldn't help but feel happy and excited. This was going to be the first step in reaching the goal she had wanted for a long while. With this, she would be able to better understand spirits, their world and everything connected to it.