Well, I saw the doctor at the hospital the other day and he says my shoulder is healing well and I need to start moving it more now. He's given me some exercises to do and I have to go back for another check-up next weekend. He said I can go back to school when I feel ready to, but they'll have to write up a note to say I can't take part in P.E or dueling classes for a while.
I think I'll probably try and go back in a few days and see how I do. There hasn't really been much for me to do while I've been at home, so I'd be glad to be able to go back and work on what I can there.
At least while I've been here, I've seen the building the Spirit Foundation is going to be in, starting to be built. It's going to look great when it's finished.

Other than that... hmmn... I was working on writing up something the other week, mostly out of boredom and lack of sleep. I'm unsure if I should post it because I think it lost the meaning of what I was trying to write and became much more of a personal ramble but...

Where Ruka rambles about Time Theory and the Crimson Dragon )
I completely forgot that today was the day we had to hand in the draft work for the geography project. That's the first time I've forgotten to hand work in, I felt kind of silly... I need to try and work on the rest of it over the weekend so I can hand it in on Monday.

...I've just been feeling so tired lately.


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